Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Japanese Theme Songs Part Four

With this latest entry, I'm just revealing the kind of person that I am. Yes, it's another electronics store theme song. Yes, I am a typical male in that I love my toys, despite currently not owning a cell phone or wrist watch, so shoot me (and I have ex-girlfriends who would probably jump at that chance so wait in line).

This installment's theme song comes from Yamada Denki, a slightly lower rent version of Bic and Yodobashi. The unique thing about Yamada is that you can actually barter for a cheaper price, just like in old school markets. When I went camera-shopping with a friend, she was hemming and hawing and the staff member said that he could take the price down US$100 or give her double member card points. She ended up getting the price down US$50 with double points.

One thing not so unique about Yamada is their theme song. Though cute, it's not much of a musical stretch from their competitor's theme songs as you will soon hear:

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Rasseru said...

I never will forget that store's name! Even being away from Japan for years.