Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A late happy tax day to everyone. If you are like me, your "economic stimulus" payment check is paying for your taxes. Good job to the U.S. Government! Why not just save the stamp that will be used to mail my check and apply it to my taxes next year?

A little news, if you happened to follow my CD-ripping escapade last post (if not, here it is), you might be happy to know that I'm finished. Well, I'm happy anyway. So, here's a screen cap of the final tally:
56.6GB of space used. Far less than I expected.

One thing that I discovered during this whole ordeal: it seems that, in the earlier days of CDs, several Japanese record labels did not label and tag tracks. I'll assume this is because they thought there would never be a way to rip data from the discs or, for some reason, didn't feel it was important enough. Either way, I found about a couple dozen discs pressed in Japan that I bought over there around '97 or '98 which ripped as unknown artist, unknown album, track #xx so I have to go through each track and relabel it. Doh!

In contrast, I only found one U.S. pressed disc which was not properly labeled and tagged and it's one of those free magazine promo mix-CDs.

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Kemek said...

It's my understanding that song and artist information is end-user supplied, so it could be that no one has supplied it yet. I've supplied information for ultra-new albums and such. There's a "Submit CD Track Names" selection in iTunes.