Friday, March 26, 2010


Those of you who know me well enough through Twitter, Facebook, the old webcast project, and even real life already know that I've started hosting and producing a podcast called VCinema which has a blog presence as well. Though I fully intend to keep this blog running for more personal stuff, I'd highly recommend you keep an eye on VCinema as well because, if you are an Asian and especially Japanese film fan, you are really going to enjoy the projects we are working on. We already have five episodes of the podcast out including reviews of Riki-Oh: The Story, Tetsuo, Shinjuku Triad Society, and more along with plenty of stupid and serious movie talk. We've also had an interview with Tokyoscope/Otaku USA Editor-in-Chief Patrick Macias and an upcoming one with Tokyo Vice author Jake Adelstein and many more planned.

Again, I will still post here intermittently - I still have a book/film adaptation double review of Ryu Murakami's "Almost Transparent Blue" coming down the pike, for example - but I hope you join us over at VCinema as well. By the way, besides the main site, we're also on iTunes (as "VCinema").