Tuesday, August 4, 2009

VCinema Follow-up Report #1

No, not THAT V-Cinema.

Last week, I reported on the site I write for, Varied Celluloid's first movie night (which was originally dubbed "Varied Celluloid Log-In Theater Jesus Christ That's a Mouthful Volume 1" but which has been pared down to just "Varied Celluloid's VCinema" for future events), so I wanted to post a follow-up report. For those who don't quite get the context, let me back up: basically, the event was a live broadcast much like a TV show or videocast. During the show, I played some music, reviewed a couple of films, played some movie trailers, then played a full-length feature film (Braindead, known in the US as Dead Alive).

As far as first time events go, it was fairly successful. Out of the two boards that I frequent (VC and IGN's horror board), the headcount got up to thirteen people which was actually far more than I was expecting to log in so I want to thank everyone who came. Out of those thirteen, about half were active in the chat room and the jokes (and beer on my side) were flowing. Tons of fun and I want to finally thank Bill at Outside the Cinema podcast (a really great cult film podcast, by the way) for the technical help and also for indirectly guiding me to Livestream (I was originally thinking of using Justin.tv which doesn't have the range of broadcasting tools and options that Livestream does).

So what does this mean for this blog? Well, as I mentioned in last week's post, I'd be happy to use the feed located at the top of this blog for Japanese movie related events or broadcasts. I already have one video posted so, maybe in the near or far future, we can have our own event like VCinema. Again, if you're interested, let your voice be known by posting a comment or contacting me via email.